iOS Forensics with Belkasoft

The course materials can be accessed online anytime from September 15th to October 15th, 2023. After this date it will be possible to purchase access to this course.

In this training, you will learn

  • How to use basic and advanced methods of iOS acquisition, such as checkm8-based and agent-based acquisition
  • How to use Belkasoft X Brute-force tool to unlock certain models of iPhone and iPad devices
  • How to acquire iOS data from the cloud
  • How to read and write YARA rules and improve their efficiency
  • How to analyze iOS apps, including encrypted ones
  • Which iOS system files may be of interest for a DFIR investigation and how to analyze them

Certificate of achievement

  • A certificate of achievement is provided to those who complete the training with a satisfactory score
  • You must be a Belkasoft LinkedIn group follower by the time of the certificate issuing, otherwise it will not be provided
  • BONUS: Certificate recipients’ will receive a discount towards their next Belkasoft purchase
Event Details
Event Details