Hexordia Mobile Data Structures – Virtual Live Training (March)

Date: March 13th, 2024

Time:  8:30 AM to 5 PM  EST

Location: Online

Cost: $550.00

Description: This one day virtual live course teaches the fundamentals of common data structures found in mobile forensics including SQLite, LevelDB, PList, and Protobuf formats. Learn how to dive deep into data structures commonly found on mobile phones. This one day (8 hours) class is intended for Intermediate and Advanced mobile forensics practitioners. We will delve into database formats for both SQLite and LevelDB. In addition we will explore the PList and Protocol Buffer (Protobuf) formats. Course is taught using Open Source and freeware tools to ensure that participants can utilize the skills learned in their lab without additional budgetary requirements. Course is hands-on with labs covering each data format.

Event Details
Event Details