Corelight Capture the Flag (Open) Holiday Edition

Date and time

Thu, December 1, 2022

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM PST

About this event

Join us for the 1st Annual Holiday CTF on December 1st at 2 PM Pacific. Teams are encouraged but not required. A trophy and bragging rights are at stake with multiple chances to win Corelight SWAG (Hint: Holiday attire encouraged)

The word on the street is that Santa has deployed Corelight@Home on a RasPi to protect his navigation network and has become the latest Zero to Zeek success story. #rudolphdigstheweirdlog

This CTF includes challenges of varying difficulties which involve tasks surrounding Zeek, including scripting and traffic analysis. This competition is open to Corelight@Home, Corelight, OS Zeek users and anyone wanting to learn more about Open Source for IR and Threat Hunting. Don’t be shy, this is a passionate community of cybersecurity professionals so feel free to “sit in” this first time.

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