Computer Forensics Course on edX

Dates: January 10 – March 7, 2023

Location: Online

Cost: Free (Audit Track) or $249 for a Certificate of Completion and Graded Assignments

Prerequisite: Must complete the Cybersecurity Fundamentals course first. This also has a free audit track.


Week 1: Digital Forensics Fundamentals Introduction to Incident response digital forensics four-step procedure Concepts: computer/network/Internet forensic and anti-forensics
Week 2: Unix/Linux fundamentals Unix/Linux incident response tools Unix/Linux file systems (Ext2/Ext3)
Week 3: Unix/Linux Forensic Investigation Unix/Linux forensics investigation steps and technologies Unix/Linux forensics case studies
Week 4: Windows Incident Response Memory forensics Windows incident response tools
Week 5: Windows fundamentals Windows file systems Windows forensics tools
Week 6: Windows Forensic Investigation Windows acquisition Windows forensics analysis – registry and other artifacts
Week 7: Advanced artifacts Loadable kernel module rootkits Steganography hiding, detection and analysis
Week 8: Review and Everything Together

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